Pets: 10 Ways to Save Money on your Cat or Dog

Save Money on your Pets

Approximately 45% of UK households own at least one pet. In total there are thought to be more than 13 million dogs and cats in the UK. The average dog costs around £833 per year, and the average cats round £675. Pets don’t come cheap so they are a real financial commitment. Here are 10 tips to help you save money on your cat and dog.


Buy Better Quality Food

Premium quality pet food will cost you more money initially. However the return on investment is well worth it. Ensuring that your cat or dog is eating the right food will improve his overall health. This in turn will mean less trips to the vet, and will therefore cost you far less in the long run.

The optimal diet for dogs consists mainly of raw meat with a few vegetables. This is what dogs eat in the wild so it’s what they should eat at home too. Cats should eat a diet of 100% raw meat or poultry. Be sure to buy raw food from a reputable retailer so you know that it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.


Make your own Treats

Dogs and cats love treats, but they tend to get expensive. It’s a good idea to make treats yourself at home. Not only will you save money but you will also know exactly what is in them. You can supplement your pets diet with the right vitamins and minerals by making your own treats, and it’s fun to do as well.


Join Loyalty and Rewards Programs

If you regularly buy your pet food from the same place then it is a good idea to join a loyalty or rewards program. Doing so will ensure that you save money every time you buy food for your dog or cat. Over the course of a year the savings will add up.


Find a Reputable Vet

When it comes to finding the right vet for your pet, be sure to shop around. Just because there is a vet near to your home it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good one. Look for online reviews and talk to local people with pets. You can then find out where the best veterinary practices. If anything ever happens to your beloved pet you will be pleased to know that they are in the safest hands.


Insure your Pet

Insurance and saving money seldom come hand in hand. But when it comes to your pet in many cases it pays to insure him. A vet bill for something as minor as a fracture easily cost hundreds of pounds. Anything that requires surgery can often cost in excess of £1,000. Then there is the medicine and antibiotics afterwards. Insurance is relatively cheap if you do it from day one. If you ever need to make a claim you will be glad you took out a policy.


Shop around for Pet Insurance

When choosing pet insurance make sure you get the correct level of cover. Typically there are two types – annual and lifetime. Annual will cover a condition for a year, whereas lifetime will cover it for life. Conditions such as epilepsy tend to require lifelong medication so it may be worth paying a few extra pounds a year for lifetime cover.


Ensure your Pet gets Exercise

Like us, our pets tend to get lazy if we let them. Ensure they do not by giving them regular exercise. If you have a dog then walk them regularly. For cats, ensure that they are let outside every day. If you have an indoor cat then it needs to have equipment for exercise and entertainment. Ensuring your pets are well exercised will reduce the chances of ill health and give them a much happier life.


Groom your Pets Regularly

Grooming your dog or cat regularly will not only keep them looking their best but it will also strengthen the bond between you. In addition to this, regularly having contact with your pet will mean that you spot any abnormalities in good time. This can be the difference between life and death if you happen to discover any health complications or potential problems. The breed of your dog or cat will depend on the grooming that he needs.


Buy Cheap Pet Toys

The pet toy industry is a big one. Consequently some toys cost a small fortune. A cat will be more than happy with a cardboard box, a ball of string or a feather on a stick. Dogs will chew large sticks for hours. Puppy toys are unnecessarily expensive so consider buying children’s soft toys instead. Remember that no toy can substitute regular playtime with a caring owner.


Don’t Pay for Boarding

The chances are you already know someone who will willingly look after your pet when you’re away. This will save you money on pricey boarding kennels and catteries. By leaving your pet with someone you know and trust it also gives you peace of mind. More importantly your pet will be less stressed if he can remain in his own familiar environment while you’re away.


Owning a pet is one of the best returns on investment in terms of the happiness it can buy. Just by following the above advice you can save hundreds of pounds every year, making owning a pet even more of a joy.

Eat well for less!

Let’s face facts, shall we? It can be very expensive to eat well. Even those people with the best intentions can struggle to make healthy and nutritious meals without splashing too much cash. Obviously this isn’t ideal for women who are interested in losing weight and getting fit. Luckily, there are a number of tricks where you can pinch those pennies and stick to your diet at the same time. Here are just a few you’ll want to try.


Once upon a time you could generally only get coupons by cutting them out of the newspaper. While you can still do this, it’s probably more practical to search for vouchers online instead. These can offer big discounts at several well-known supermarket chains.

Shop around

Always resist the urge to shop at the nearest store. Instead, try visiting different shops to track down the best offers. Additionally, you could end up losing extra weight if this means you have to walk an extra ten minutes or so to make it to another store.

The reduced aisle

The reduced aisle is your friend, don’t forget that. Throughout the day supermarkets and other smaller shops begin to slash the prices of their fresh stock that is nearing its use by date. Often this will include healthy items such as fruit and vegetables. Many places reduce the products at the same time each day, so once you’ve discovered the routine you should be laughing all the way to the bank.

Use the leftovers

Make an effort not to let anything go to waste. If you have leftovers from you dinner, either stick them in the freezer for a later date or save them for your lunch the next day. This should mean that you can stretch your budget even further.

Come Dine With Me parties

If you have friends or family who are also dieting, how about throwing dinner parties like on Come Dine With Me? Since everyone gets a turn, you should find that you’re only buying food once but getting fed well on multiple occasions.


Finally, a way to be healthy and still have money leftover! For more information on how you can save cash, check out our website.

Why 5:2 is the best budget diet

We’ve all been on them – the kind of diets that require you to buy all sorts of specific, fresh ingredients, specialist supplements and extravagantly overpriced super-foods – and what have they ever done for you, except empty your bank account?

The hype around the 5:2 diet has died down over the last couple of years, but we still think it’s one of the best value diets out there if you’re wanting to shed a few pounds without bankrupting yourself over it.

Fasting really hit the mainstream when scientist and TV presenter Michael Mosley presented a documentary about it called Eat, fast and live longer – and the results were shocking! As well as helping him to lose weight, the diet improved his overall health enormously. By restricting calorie intake, he discovered that we can improve our life expectancy and decrease our risk of cancer and diabetes – as well as losing a few pounds in the process.

The simple premise behind the 5:2 diet, which Mosley pioneered, is that you eat normally for five days a week, and fast on two. You don’t have to stop eating entirely; in fact, you’re allowed to eat up to 500 calories on your two fasting days, although many diet aficionados find it easier to avoid food entirely than eat a small amount.

So why is it so budget friendly? Well essentially, you can continue to cook and eat as you would normally – just making six fewer meals each week. In fact, it’s a diet that you could come out of financially better off, as well as with a healthier body – you’ll spend less on your weekly shop if you’re cooking fewer meals.

The diet won’t work if you make up for the 1500-2500 calories you would normally eat on your fast days on your non-fasting days, but as long as you don’t binge the pounds will fall off – even if you have a cheeky slice of cake or a glass of wine on your non-fasting days! Sounds like our kind of dieting…

The only Footwear you Really Need

The only Footwear you really Need

Footwear is big business globally. In the UK the average woman owns 20 pairs of footwear, and the average pair of shoes costs around £35. That means that the average woman in the UK has around £700 tied up in her shoe addiction. Some people have many more pairs than this. While there is no doubt that different kind of footwear are needed for different activities, there are ways to ensure that you don’t waste money on the material aspect of footwear.



Some pairs of fashion trainers can cost as much as £140. It’s no wonder that the global trainer and sports shoe industry is a multi-billion pound one. The truth is that you only have two feet. So you can only actually wear one pair of shoes at a time. If you are fairly active and partake in a lot of sport then you only need one pair of trainers. When you have worn these trainers out you can then replace them as required. You will likely go through a fair few pairs of trainers in your lifetime. This doesn’t matter as you will be able to afford them. Especially if you’re not into the habit of buying a new pair every couple of months.



For most people it’s a good idea to have at least one pair of formal shoes. These are the shoes that can be worn when certain footwear is just not acceptable, such as at work, formal celebrations and functions like weddings, funerals and business interviews. When it comes to owning a pair of formal shoes it’s best to own a simple pair of slip-on black shoes. Occasionally a second pair of shoes that are brown in colour can be justified, as these can serve the additional purpose of being worn for c casual events if you want to look more well-groomed than someone who wears trainers.



A decent pair of boots is essential for most people.  Boots are the go-to form of footwear you can wear almost all of the time. Boots provide much better support for your ankles than shoes and trainers, and can greatly improve your posture. This is the reason that boots are great for all purpose including work and leisure. An important thing to note that if you buy a pair of boots it’s best to get ones that are easy to clean. Opt for shoes that require very little maintenance – the simpler the better. Choosing fashionable boots often means that you will need to buy at least one more pair, and fashion boots do not tend to last very long when worn regularly.


Specialist Footwear

If you enjoy running, then running shoes are a must. You need tennis shoes if you regularly play tennis. Football or rugby boots have their own uses on the field. If you need shoes for specialist activities such as sports, then of course it is a good idea to purchase them. Trying to save money by not purchasing specialist shoes can lead to injury, which can often result in more complications further down the line.

Simple solutions to make healthy foods even healthier

Eating healthy and getting fit doesn’t need to break the bank, and it shouldn’t mean that you have to go out and buy expensive products that you’ll probably find difficult to weave into your usual meals.

So instead of chucking chia seeds into your trolley, why not have a look at the items you already have in your kitchen and see if you can make them even healthier with a few little changes. Here are three ideas to get you started and help you improve your female health.


Most of us store tomatoes in the fridge, believing that it keeps them fresher. But research shows that they have the most flavour and their nutrients develop more when stored at around 15 degrees. As room temperature is 18 degrees, take tomatoes out of the fridge and store them on your counter to enjoy a greater level of vitamin C and vitamin K – not to mention sources of potassium, dietary fibre and vitamin E.


Vitamin D is extremely important to our female health and wellbeing. In the UK, it’s recommended that we all take supplements, but there’s an easier way to get your dose of the sunshine vitamin – and if you already eat mushrooms, it’s a no-brainer. When exposed to sunlight, mushrooms transform UV light into huge amounts of vitamin D, retaining this boost when cooked. Research has shown that sun-treated mushrooms can provide as much vitamin D as a supplement, so put your mushrooms on a sunny windowsill for about 60 minutes before eating.


Everyone believes that expensive superfoods are going to make them instantly healthier. But did you know that a simple pink grapefruit is one of the best and it’s pretty cheap? All grapefruits contain vitamin C, but pick the pink rather than the yellow kind and you’ll get a higher level of antioxidants and the added bonus of lycopene which has anti-tumour properties – more bang for your buck!

It’s so easy to make your existing foods healthier, and to make a few shopping swaps to improve your female health. Check out the coupon codes available from Revouchers to get cheap deals on other supplements and health foods!